Technical Support

Works well with other team members *

Time Sheets and Help Desk Tickets documentation *

Labtech Knowledge and usage *

Task Completion *

Give Positive message about employee *

Customer Service Skills

On time to customer appointments
Resolves all issues and follows up with customers
Customers trust recommendations
Takes time to provice training and/or understand customer issues
Plans work ahead of time
Proactive support on equipment

Troubleshooting Skill Level

Troubleshooting printers
Troubleshooting firewalls
Virus Removeal
Hardware Upgrades (Memory, Video Cards, Network Cards)
Troubleshooting Outlook
Troubleshooting Wireless
Troubleshooting Applications

Up to date on latest technologies *

Low Knowledge LevelMedium Knowledge LevelHigh Knowledge Level
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Cloud Services
Microsoft Office 365
Networking (Routing, Subnetting)
Firewall (Access Rules, Ports)
Desktop Hardware
Office Applications

Knowledge gain and application over the past year *

Aggresive in learning new technology on personal time *