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2. The Technology Headlines Because BeCloud is focused on great customer service, and they provide leading cloud technology soluions, BeCloud is strategically placed to coninue rapid growth and market penetraion. Phipps shares, “BeCloud will coninue to grow the AWS cloud consuling, Ofice 365 and Odoo oferings to provide leading soluions that provide extreme value and increase the eficiencies and profits of our clients. the company takes over customers’ network architecture, implementaion, integraion, and project management processes to help them bring the latest tools and technologies. Phipps, explains, “Through constant communicaion with our customers we can make meaningful recommendaions on new technology trends that can increase eficiencies, profit and security. We constantly monitor their IT infrastructure to make sure their IT resources are best uilized for maximum benefit. Customers come first for BeCloud and the company always prefers to keep an open dialog with them through regular site visits, training seminars and support calls. “We don’t just apply band aids to issues. If a problem occurs, we seek ways to improve the system so that it will not happen again,” states Phipps. Addiionally, the company surrounds itself with experts to gather informaion about how their soluions are shaping up and what they can realisically do to improve its efeciveness. “We have a very proacive approach to support. We look for and take advantage of any opportuni - ies to resolve a problem before it can cause a service interrupion. We bring our core values to the table when entering a partnership, adds Phipps. Being eficient, Hassle Free, Afordable, Innovaive, Proacive are some of the core values that drive the team in their eforts to better equip customers. The company is a top managed services provider taking care of client’s key business concerns with round-the-clock support and consuling services. BeCloud goes the extra mile to ensure customer saisfacion. What difereniates BeCloud from other cloud vendors is its ability to deliver a premium “hassle free” help desk support ofering for public and private cloud oferings. The company is adding customer forums and upgrading its help desk icket system to further streamline internal operaions. In addiion, it is constantly developing maintenance scripts, alarms and alerts to find more problems and auto heal customer networks before issues can cause service interrupions. - 25 - DEC 2017 BECLOUD BeCloud has been on a mission to help companies obtain the highe level of ability, reliability and ca - pability in their IT syems and pro - cesses

1. Company Of The Year Helping Organizations Transition from Traditional Infrastructure to Cloud mission to help companies obtain the highest level of stability, reliability and capabili - ty in their IT systems and processes. It brings leading and disrupive technologies to its customers at afordable prices while keeping a sharp focus on customer service, cost and business worklow improvements. BeCloud has acquired the trust of its customers due to its unique way of doing business. The company works with its partners unil they find out a permanent soluion to client business problems. Its consuling approach relies a lot on providing rapid and accurate technical support to users across all levels. Through its lag-ship service called the I.T. Complete Care program, BeCoud provides complete, unlimited onsite and remote technical support to keep customers’ systems running smoothly; all for a fixed monthly fee. While helping companies move to the cloud, the company takes into account their compuing resources and infrastructure to properly under - stand what the organizaion needs and to choose soluions that are easily accessible to them. According to James Phipps, CEO, BeCloud, “There are so many innovaions and disrupive technologies in today’s market place. We assist our customers with fast pace innovaion implementaion in a streamlined projected way that takes in to account business operaions and customer worklow.” A Cuomer-focused Business Approach BeCloud has emerged as a trusted technology consultant that has the ability to plan, design and share the latest technologies with clients. BeCloud has a clear understand - ing of its client’s business criical systems, which makes it easy for the company to deploy the right soluions at the right ime. With years of experience in the industry, loud technologies have completely changed how we imagined the IT indus - try to be by connecing sotware, devices and networks over the internet. Cloud helps companies to deliver more powerful, robust IT services at lower costs, and now is the backbone of every leading organizaion. There is no denying the fact that cloud transformaion can be a dificult task to implement. As companies have worked in a disconnected IT environment for decades, they may need more than just ambiion to achieve the benefits provided by cloud-ena - bled data analyics, digital tools and agile soluions. Seeing the challenge faced by large and small IT companies in their eforts to migrate to cloud, BeCloud, a full services IT Management Company came to its full being. Founded in 2011 , BeCloud has been on a PHOTO HERE BECLOUD C - 26 - DEC 2017 Y E A R OF THE While helping companies move to the cloud, BeCloud takes into account their computing resources and infraruure to properly underand their business needs James Phipps, CEO, BeCloud Cloud Hoing


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