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Security Monitoring

BeCloud's security engineers monitor the security of your network on a daily basis.  We have regularly scheduled meetings o discuss what security procedure changes need to be implemented to address new emerging threats.  We constantly review our mitigation strategies and incident response procedures to make sure we can respond, mitigate or prevent attacks.

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 Perimeter Security

Security requires a multi-layered approach to mitigate risk. As a part of that layered approach, you should show strong perimeter security to dissuade hacking attempts.  Our firewall configuration experts when combined with security log monitoring and regular pin testing provides impressive perimeter security.

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Disaster Recovery

BeCloud will do the necessary work before a disaster occurs by creating business continuity plans, scheduled backup testing, and periodic backup audits.  So if a disaster does occur we are ready to respond accordingly.

Premium Risk Management Package

 Offers features above our Complete Care Package

Premium Security Maintenance

 Remediation of security issues found in log files, pin testing 

Scheduled Vulnerability Assessments

Packages include detailed assessments that show real milestones and task towards securing your infrustructure.

Security Device and Endpoint Management

Manage updates and security vulnerabilities to limit risk exposure.

Business Continuity Audits

Management of backups and periodic backup verification


Added Protection at reasonable prices

Stop costly repairs and fines due to virus, malware or hacking attempts

For example, Ransomeware damage costs companies $5 billion in 2017 up from $325 million in 2015.  

 Maximize Technology Investments

It is not enough just to have security devices installed.  You have to manage, monitor and update the devices

 Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining secure networks is a large part of being compliant with regulations

 Increase Productivity

By correcting and stopping hidden threats your computer and network will run faster-increasing productivity

Security Done Right

Security has to be done in layers.  We understand this and provide many layers of protection from the firewall to the endpoint.  Our premium security product package contains all of the tools, services, and software together in a box that is easy to consume. 

Our comprehensive reports are professional and easy to understand. They touch external and internal vulnerabilities.  Also included are business security policy assessments. Call us today for your first free assessment.

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No.  AntiVirus is only one level of protection.  In addition, virus software has to be monitored, updated and managed along with other threat prevention technologies.