BeCloud Customer Persona


  "Eye s R US"

(100 - 150 Employees)

John Young

Practice Manager

"John is very busy managing the practice.  He is always looking for ways to improve patient care and clinic profits" 
  • "BeCloud Complete Care"

  • Manage HIPAA Compliance and Security Audits
  • Integrate Visual Fields and Humphreys Analyzer to EHR Program
  • Manage and Setup secure fax
  • Manage and Monitor Cloud Backup
  • Manage all computers, five servers, and two remote offices secure connection
  • Manage VMware ESX Private Cloud solution

Professional Services

"AMS Engineering"

(200 - 250 Employees) 


Pamela Stringer

Chief Financial Officer

"Pamela is concerned with becoming more proactive when managing IT so that cost can be budget constrained"
  • "BeCloud Complete Care"

  • Installed, managed and configured one-hundred servers for Data Science calculations in Dallas datacenter on time and under budget
  • Setup and Manage software backups
  • Setup, monitor and maintain specialized engineering software
  • Manage and Monitor Exchange 2016 email server
  • Manage, monitor and maintain Antivirus
  • Manage Microsoft HyperV Private Cloud


"James and Bragg PLLC."

(10 Employees)

Phillip James

Managing Partner 

"Phillip is concerned about having network access 24 x 7 because outages cost the firm significant dollars and tarnish the firm's reputation" 
  • "BeCloud Complete Care"

  • Manage firms AWS Public Cloud resources
  • Manage Office 365 email and Office subscriptions
  • Write custom software for Ledes 1998b billing export
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Support
  • Manage, monitor and maintain Antivirus
  • Install and manage wireless router\firewall 
  • Setup remote Cloud File Share 


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Hassle Free Help Desk

    We realize that Information Technology is a tool to support business.  We don't get in the way of business, instead, we support and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Most importantly we try to resolve issues in the background before it can impact business workflow!

Infrastructure Support

       No matter the technology, Linux, AWS, Apple,  Docker, VMware...  We can support it. BeCloud has the experience, knowledge, and staff to monitor and maintain all of the current and most legacy infrastructure components.

Let our engineers survey your network! We offer a free initial assessment and security audit so that we can recommend ways of moving to a worry free and reliable technology managed at a consistent price point.   

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