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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a very robust feature set and options.  Sometimes just knowing where to start with the migration or implementation of cloud solutions is a challenge.  Becloud can provide the guidance based on our tremendous amount of experience to get your digital transformation project off of the ground.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is built on the well known and trusted Microsoft solutions stack.  We can get your data and services moved or installed into this constantly growing and improving solutions stack.

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Office 365

Office 365 is a leading Software as a Service platform that has taken over as the premium email platform.  It allows access to critical data no matter what device you use.  It can also scale from a small user base to a large enterprise solution overnight.

Amazon Web Services

Secure and robust feature set


AWS is compliant with several security certifications.  Its data centers contain many safeguards and features


AWS with its government-level cloud access controls has a long history of working under compliance regulations.  It is a good choice for hosting data while staying compliant.


AWS strongest integration capabilities lie with its open source technologies.  It does have strong Microsoft integration capabilities also.

Microsoft Azure

Built on trusted Microsoft frameworks 


Similar to AWS, Microsoft is compliant with several security certifications.  It's data centers have many security features baked into the Data Center configurations


Azure does not have as long a history as AWS but it is certification ready for most if not all industry regulations


Azure is extremely strong when working with the Microsoft solutions stack but many improvements and feature add-ons make it suited for open source hosting as well

Office 365

Affordable, with SLA's built-in

Great Value

Office 365 software as a service offers great value for the money when you consider the uptime and decreased maintenance requirements

Service Level Agreements

Office 365 reports at least a 99.5% uptime since 2011.  If Microsoft does not meet the 99.9% uptime they discount the service.


Office 365 is arguably the most utilized productivity software suite.  Because of this, there are many integration capabilities.

Meet the BeCloud Public Cloud Solution Stack

Public Cloud Resources

Public Cloud options provide the framework but we take the time to know your business to craft a custom solution that is efficient, affordable and scalable.

BeCloud Managed Services

After the lift and shift, you will need maintenance and monitoring to keep your organization running at peak performance levels.  BeCloud is particularly capable in cloud automation that will translate into better solutions at affordable prices.

BeCloud Lift and Shift

Sometimes it is appropriate to simply move workloads to the cloud.  Other times you have to do more work and a redesign of processes and applications to properly take advantage of cloud efficiencies and scale.  BeCloud will make sure that the right method will be used to produce the results you require.  

Cloud Training and App Installation

Once the technology piece is brought together,  training and app installation must be performed so that business interruption is mitigated and user satisfaction is increased.