Running Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver"

SUPERMICRO 3U MICROBLADE SYSTEM    BeCloud recently was tasked to configure some  SuperMicro 3u microblade systems for a client.   Usually in the past the customer has wanted CentOS running on the servers.  But since the recent release of Ubuntu 18.04 client wanted to upgrade the SSD drives to Intel 3.8 TB drives and change the operating system to 18.04 LTS.  They wanted a simple RAID1 Configuration.  Our engineers had some issues getting the RAID 1 in the bios to be recognized by Ubuntu 18.04.  First there are two installer versions.  One version is for simple quick installs.  It is fast but you will not have access to any advanced configuration options.  The second installer had the option for RAID but it would not pick up the hard disk on the Intel RAID device.  Instead Ubuntu wanted to utilize ISCSI.  To get around this problem our engineers performed the following.  Hopefully this blog post will save others troubleshooting time in the future.

  1. Make sure RAID is configured in BIOS,  When installing Ubuntu 18.04 a dialogue will come up asking to activate MDADM containers (Intel/DDF RAID), Select YES

  2. You will then be asked to: Activate Serial ATA RAID device,  at this point wait and switch to shell prompt by pressing "alt+f2"

  3. Hit enter key to activate console

  4. Run the following command "mdadm --stop /dev/md127"

  5. Activate the intel dmraid by running the command "dmraid -ay"

  6. Press "alt+f1" to get back to installer

  7. Answer the Activate Serial ATA RAID with "No"

  8. The drives for the Intel RAID should now be visible.