Core i5 2011 iMac

SSD Drive Upgrade

 My iMac 2011 is still going strong seven years later.  Needless to say, It is past due an upgrade.  Instead of buying a new model, I decided to upgrade the hard drive.  The original configuration was a 500GB hard drive.  As anyone knows that has ever worked on an iMac, it does require some special tools to upgrade.  BeCloud's help desk has all of the required tools readily available.

Steps used to complete the upgrade:

  1. We used our favorite disk imaging utility to copy the original drive to the new 1TB SSD drive.

  2. Installed new SSD drive.

  3. I ran sudo diskutil resizeVolume / r.  

  4. It did not finish the first time because it reported some hard drive errors.

  5. Rebooted into recovery mode by hitting the command R key sequence.

  6. Ran disk repair from here.  Reran the diskutil command.

  7. After reboot the mac showed full disk utilization.  

  8. Maybe it will last another seven years!