Ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta

Hackers demand $51,000 or 6 BitCoins to release IT Systems!

Ransomware Attack on Atlanta

Malware has crippled several systems used by Atlanta's city government to process payments and relay court information. Root cause analysis is still on-going but it appears to be SamSam ransomware.  The group behind SamSam malware is believed to have made at least $850,000 since December 2017. 


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BeCloud's IT Security Management Framework 

 Our framework provides a step in the right direction for mitigating attacks like the Atlanta, Ga incident.  Ransomware is nothing more than a malicious program that in most cases encrypts your data so that you cannot access it unless the decryption key is purchased from the hacker.  It is crucial that you have a Security Management framework in place to deal with malware of this type because Ransomware can gain access to critical files simply by clicking on or going to compromised websites or emails. 

Becloud's  Security Management Framework will do the following:

Identify Risk

  1. Security Audits

  2. Vulnerability testing

  3. Asset Managment

Protect critical IT services

  1. Maintenance

  2. Firewall Implementation and Malware/Virus software

  3. Disable unneeded ports and protocols

Detect events

  1. Implement logging

  2. Continuous Monitoring

Provide effective Incident response including service recovery

  1. Disaster Recovery Planning and testing

  2. Communication Response Plans

  3. Mitigation Planning and testing