Odoo Dashboard Crash

Error "Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected token o"

     On one of our Odoo support instances every time the user added a report to the dashboard we would get the above error.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the dashboard app.  It seemed to fix this issue at first but the error came back.  After searching GitHub, I found a fix.  Modifiers on every elements exist but when saving for the dashboard they have to stringified as listed on gitub.  "addons/board/static/src/js/dashboard.js" should be edited.

Delete: line 191 - 197
if (newAttrs.domain) {
  newAttrs.domain = newAttrs.domain_string;
 if (newAttrs.context) {
  newAttrs.context = newAttrs.context_string;

Add: line 191 - 193
/* prepare attributes as they should be saved */
  if (newAttrs.modifiers) {
  newAttrs.modifiers = JSON.stringify(newAttrs.modifiers);