Odoo 11 Website Logo Size issues

Company Logo was to small on website navbar

         In version 10 there was an option to edit the html code to change the website logo in the navbar.  In version 11 this trick did not work.  First thing I tried was to lower the resolution of the logo file to below 1024.  When I did this the logo image was to small.  After researching and much trial and error, I found a fix.
             1. Click on Customize and select the HTML/CSS editor
             2. Select LESS(CSS) and "website.wrapwrap" = /protal/static/src/less/website.wrapwrap.less
             3. Comment out under the header a.navbar-brand the o-w-fill-navbar();
             4. This css function does a calculation to make the logo shrink to fit based on the navbar setting.
             5. That is what was the issue I needed it to resized to fit but big enough to be a logo for the website.
             6. Once I commented out that function I added a margin-top: and max height. Issue resolved.

    Below is example code:

    header a.navbar-brand {
        &.logo {
            padding: 0 2px;
            margin-top: -12px;

            img {
                max-height: 80px;