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08/07/2018 00:19:45 In IT Security

Core i5 2011 iMac

08/02/2018 19:35:06 In IT Support

Ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta

03/25/2018 17:59:48 In IT Security
security audit, atlanta security incident, atl public works, msil, samas ransomware

Spectralis diagnostic equipment Integration with Electronic Health Record

03/25/2018 15:58:17 In IT Support
medical equipment interfacing, oct spectralis, retina tomograph, retinal tomography test, retinal tomography scanner, heidelberg interfacing, heidelberg
Medical equipment integration and troubleshooting experience with varios EHR software packages.

Odoo Dashboard Crash

03/25/2018 13:30:46 In BeCloud ERP
becloudit support, odoo v11, enterprise, features, odoo support
Odoo v11 Dashboard app kept crashing. BeCloudIT support Resolved issue for client by finding and applying fix from Github.

Email Delayed when implementing Automation

02/12/2018 15:03:47 In BeCloud ERP
odoo 11, cron job edit, email queue management
Odoo Cron Job edit without coding. Quick and easy.

Spectre & Meltdown

01/08/2018 05:05:15 In IT Security
Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, BeCloud is patching all customer systems.This a a very serious flaw utilizing speculative execution. Intel,AMD,ARM CPU's

Norton Security for Mac does not verify certificates

12/22/2017 13:42:30 In IT Security
cybersecurity, ssl verification, mac vulnerability
Norton Security installer bug. Cybersecurity threat and solution available.

Odoo 11 Website Logo Size issues

12/10/2017 18:59:56 In BeCloud ERP
logo resize, css, html, code, odor 11, padding
Odoo 11 - Logo Resizing Problem issue resolved.

Apple MacOS High Sierra root authentication security flaw

12/02/2017 06:47:44 In IT Security
cyber security, companies, macos, high sierra, sierra, root, news
Apple OS High Sierra security flaw. BeCloud LLC. provides cyber security consulting, pin testing and compliance services.

Odoo Disconnect Issue

11/24/2017 14:18:30 In BeCloud ERP

Odoo Backup

11/12/2017 18:49:16 In BeCloud ERP